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demystifying the consulting business

Demystifying the Consultant Business

In this interview with Buddy Hobart, he explains what it means to be an independent consultant and covers the specific requirements and challenges a consultant faces.


accounting for independent consultants

Accounting for Independent Consultants

One of the trickiest parts of managing your own consulting business is handling the books. In this interview with Danny Anderson, of Anderson Accounting and Tax Services, he lays out what initial steps are involved to get your business' finances on the right track.


marketing a consulting business

Marketing a Consulting Business

There's a lot to consider when marketing a new consulting business in today's world. Linda Capcara explains how to get a website set up, how much that might cost, and some of the common mistakes to avoid.



insuring your independent consulting business

Insuring Your Independent Consulting Business

When you start your own consulting business, health and life insurance can become expensive hassles. Linda Julian of Henderson Brothers, Inc gives practical advice for dealing with small business insurance.


setting up a consulting business from a legal perspective

Setting Up a Consulting Business From a Legal Perspective

Setting up a consulting business will require a little bit of red tape. In this interview with Patricia Rodella and Charles Lehman, they spell out exactly what's involved in setting up a business from a legal standpoint.


Banking for your Business

When starting your consulting business you want to be sure the basics of banking are covered. In this article, Patrick Ward gives you key insights on working with your local bankers and how you can position yourself for success.



tools for independent consulting