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By: bhobart
January 13, 2014
When people in the business world talk about consultant work and the role of consultants in their industries, many of them speak negatively about the profession. Oftentimes, people hear the word “consultant” and they think that it's simply a code word for “unemployed.” Or they might speak with someone who describes him or herself as a consultant, and immediately think that the person is simply in the midst of a search for a “real” job. What's more,...
By: bhobart
January 9, 2014
The Millennial Generation, which is otherwise known as Generation Y, is going to have a huge impact on business and the economy in the coming years. This generation has begun to enter the workforce in large numbers, and soon they will dominate the business world. Some organizations are prepared for the rise of this unique group of young minds, but others are operating as if it's business as usual. Guess what? The organizations that prepare themselves properly for the Millennials will be the...
By: bhobart
January 7, 2014
As the corporate world continues to change, evolve and recover from the economic collapse of 2008, more and more people seem to be dissatisfied with the new realities of business. Five years ago, people needed to hold onto their jobs at all costs; they didn't want to join the countless friends and family members who got the axe thanks to the financial meltdown. These days, though, people have a bit more freedom to pursue other opportunities now that business is beginning to boom again. The...
By: bhobart
January 2, 2014
Now that 2014 is here, we're starting to put some distance between the present day and the global economic crisis that began in 2008. Although some companies continue to feel the effects of the financial meltdown, many have emerged stronger than ever. When you step back to take a look at the current business landscape, you might ask yourself why some organizations are performing better than others. What have successful businesses done that others have failed to do? One common factor that I...
By: bhobart
December 31, 2013
Are you ready for a new career? If so, you're probably going through the process of examining all of your options. The corporate world might have some appeal to you because you've been working there your whole life. Unfortunately, you'll probably never find your dream career in the corporate realm if it hasn't made you happy up to this point. I believe that consulting is the ideal career path for professionals who are ready to take their corporate experience and use it to make a...

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