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Connecting Talent With Opportunities

When a need arises within a small to medium-sized company that requires legal expertise, it is very rare to have a permanent in-house counsel. Most of you do not hire people full-time to purely to focus on your company’s legal issues. When a need arises, you will call your attorney and will be billed for their time. What you understand in these important situations is that you're paying for their knowledge capital and years of experience, but it would be difficult to pay for this on a full-time basis. This is what we are used to doing in small to medium sized firms. I own a small to medium sized business and I will call my lawyer or my accountant for advice. I know that when I need them they are there. They will provide their expert knowledge, and it's not cheap!

Connecting Talent With Opportunities

I’m asking managers and leaders out there to be thinking about this model as it relates to other knowledge capital situations. If you need to have some experienced talent in your business to solve a problem for you, then it is a lot like calling your attorney. You lay out an issue, they give you the answers you need, and the problem gets solved. With the same concept in mind, I challenge leaders to be thinking about this model and applying it to other experienced skill sets. So if you're a business leader in charge of or influential in talent acquisition, maybe you should start to look at your strategy from a different angle.

What I really want leaders to consider is hiring the talent your business needs in the same way that you would hire a lawyer or an accountant. There is a wealth of talent out there with twenty to thirty years of knowledge capital and experience they can share. If you're a business owner or a leader in your organization, you are in a position to acquire talent for your business. I know you have to have the right fit, the right experience and the right leadership, but let’s face it -- the person who has the best talent usually wins. If you get the right people and everybody is pulling in the right direction, then you are going to win. If it's your job to bring on the right talent, then I want to challenge you to be thinking about the way you acquire it within your organization. Sure, it would be expensive to hire them on a full-time basis, but why not use them on a per-project basis? Why not connect these incredibly experienced and knowledgeable people purely to the right opportunities? It’s a win-win!

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