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Four Key Components of Talent Acquisition

As consultants, one of the opportunities that we have is that we get in and out of so many different organizations in various sectors of the economy, various regions of the country and in countries all around the world. We get to see what might work in company A and be able to adapt and apply to companies C or D. We see some of those differences, but we also listen very closely for trends. What are we hearing?  Something that we are hearing over and over again is, “If unemployment is so high, where are all of the ‘good people’? Where is all the talent that we need?”

Four Key Components of Talent AcquisitionAs a trend, I think it's not that there aren't really, really good people out there, it’s more a lack of alignment in the marketplace. Talent is available, and with the openings that exist, there is a bit of a disconnect. I think that this is a really good opportunity for business leaders to go out and secure top talent for their organizations. When it comes to looking around the corner, here are four key recommendations I would make when it comes to talent acquisition:

1.    Look at the job that you want to fill. Write a job description of the role you want now, not the role that existed before the down turn, and get your arms around it immediately!

2.    Face the brutal facts. You may not be able to find that perfect talent, so invest aggresively in the business acumen and the growth of the talent that you already have on board. Take a look at how you can build on that.

3.    Look at non-traditional ways to acquire talent: outsourcing, hiring contractors, and bringing in outside talent to handle strategic initiatives.

4.    When you bring in outside talent, take some of your high potential candidates and “link them up” with those experts. You will get your strategic initiative done, and your high potential talent will get some training. 

I really want businesses to hear what I am saying because there is a trend developing. Talent acquisition and retention now is like the Internet of 1994 in that many leaders and teams are simply looking at doing things the way they've always done them. They are looking to trade job opening A for person B. 

What I am suggesting we do is look around the corner and use that power of “What else can we do?” and “How can we do it differently?” The old model for talent acquisition, if not already dead, is dying. There is one truism for every leader out there and that is, "He who has the best talent usually wins!"  So, think strategically. How can we acquire the best talent without adding a killer payroll? How can we make this a strategic advantage for our business? How can we do all this while focusing on our vision and looking around the corner? The answer is simple: vision, alignment and execution.

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