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How to Use Your Career Experience to Become an Independent Management Consultant

How to become a consultant using your experienceWhen it comes to mid career professionals, we’ve noticed that there is a good bit of misplaced humility out there. Seriously, most professionals don’t give themselves enough credit for how good they actually are.

We see two primary reasons for this misplaced humility:

  1. You don’t know what you know. In other words, you’ve achieved a level of expertise where your skills and knowledge have become second nature to you. You forget just how much information you possess.
  2. You undervalue the results that have been delivered in the past. This is exactly the reason why career advisors advise professionals to always keep their resumes up-to-date. As time passes, accomplishments are easily blurred into the hustle and bustle that turns busy weeks into busy months and busy years.

Speaking of resumes, your resume most likely talks about what you’ve accomplished. What is missing from this picture is how you’ve accomplished it. The how is the Baccarat crystal in a Styrofoam world full of whats, whos and whys.

So, if you want to determine how you can funnel your career experience into a management consulting career, look at your list of accomplishments and dig into how you made each of those things happen.

What were the challenges you faced? What worked? What didn’t? What kinds of skills did you use to accomplish each of those things?
This is exactly what you can offer your clients; and exactly the kind of information that companies are dying for.

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