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PACKAGE 1: Building Your Consulting Practice

As you work at your practice you may have many questions.  With twenty years of experience we feel at Ex3 Matters we have can answer most of those questions.   In Building Your Consulting Practice you'll receive information and insights from these 10 training modules.

How do I use past success to gain future rewards?

Leveraging Your Success

This informative, self-study training program helps you:

·       Understand your conscious and unconscious competencies
·       Create the perfect consulting resume
·       Understand why your past successes happened
·       Let others know about your many competencies and talents

This training module includes helpful videos, an informative manual that you can use to follow along and a number of exercises designed to help you understand your past successes so that you can use them to promote yourself.

How do I find the ideal market for my consulting practice?

Targeting Your Market

With this comprehensive, self-study guide on targeting your market, you'll learn:

·       How targeting a market is different from networking
·       Why it's important to identify and categorize your contacts
·       How to open your Reticular Activating System for more positive connections
·       How you can identify and connect with six to eight consulting contacts right away

This training module includes a number of helpful videos, a manual you can use to follow along, mind-opening exercises and tips to help you move to the next step.

How can I show that I'm able to provide needed solutions?

An Introduction to Knowledge-Based Sales

With this eye-opening, self-study training module, you'll learn:

·       How the proprietary KBS concept can help you show that you're a strategic knowledge source
·       Ways in which you can apply the KBS concept to your natural sales approach
·       Details about concepts that will make you more valuable as a salesperson

The Introduction to Knowledge-Based Sales (KBS) includes a helpful manual and 11 informative videos.

How do I present myself as a consultant?

Taking a Consultant's Approach

This self-study consulting skills training program is designed to help you:

·       Personalize your business development strategy
·       Develop your client base
·       Understand your target client, their drivers and their motivators
·       Adapt your experience to your client's needs

Included are more than 30 video segments, a complete "follow along" manual with a number of consultant-training exercises and a personal-style assessment.

What steps can I take to perform at a world-class level?

World-Class Performers

This unique and comprehensive self-study training program will help you:

·       Understand what the world's top performers in a number of fields have in common
·       Learn the specific traits that separate top performers from others
·       Find out why you should strive to attain these traits for yourself
·       Learn the steps you need to take to become a world-class performer
·       Give others the training they need to become world-class performers

This comprehensive training course includes several videos – including a helpful overview/strategy video – a manual that you can use to follow along and an informative PowerPoint presentation.

How can I understand myself and others better so I can communicate more effectively?

Understanding Human Behavior

This powerful self-study program contains insights that will help you:

·       Recognize the value and importance of self-knowledge and its relevance to world-class performance
·       Understand your behavioral tendencies using game film and develop an understanding of how your 
behavior affects others
·       Respect, appreciate, understand and value individual differences
·       Train others to understand human behavior using this program's principles

This amazing training program includes a comprehensive overview video, a “follow-along” manual, an insightful PowerPoint presentation and more than ten minutes of additional video content.

How do I pull all of my knowledge about people together to use it effectively in the real world?


This insightful, self-study training program will help you:

·       Improve your ability to communicate, regardless of the audience
·       Build and nurture more rock-solid relationships
·       Develop a finely-tuned sense of how to deliver the right message at the right time
·       Train others to adapt successfully by using the insights from this program

This program includes an overview/strategy video, a comprehensive manual and a potent PowerPoint presentation.

How do I determine the proper approach to make sales effectively?

Your Approach to Selling

With this self-study training program, you will learn:

·       How to understand and hone your own personal selling style
·       How to understand different buying styles and how they mesh with your selling style
·       How to develop sales strategies that take advantage of your strong suits as a salesperson
·       How to train others to understand the keys to successful sales

Materials included with this powerful sales-training program include an overview/strategy video, an informative manual and an eye-opening PowerPoint presentation.

How do I determine the right pricing to provide value and boost my bottom line?

Your Pricing Strategy

As you move through this self-study program, you will learn:

·       How to determine your deliverables
·       How you can define your project expenses
·       How to quantify the value you are able to add

This strategy exercise program includes an overview video, a three-page worksheet and five additional videos.

How can I generate proposals that are built on the strong relationships I've established with clients?

Writing and Presenting Your Proposals

This self-study training program gives you knowledge and insights into:

·       Maintaining trust throughout the proposal process
·       How to ensure that the work you've done prior to proposal is not done in vain
·       How you can develop a proposal methodology

Included in this program is an overview/strategy video, a helpful three-page worksheet and five additional video clips.