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The Truth About Business Consultant Jobs in the 21st Century

The Truth About Business Consultant Jobs in the 21st CenturyWhat do you think of when you think of business consultant jobs? If you're like me, you might not have the best impression of consulting and the jobs available in the field.

For many people, the title of “consultant” is one that carries a lot of negative baggage. It used to be that when a person identified him or herself as a consultant, it was just another way for them to say that they were unemployed or “between jobs.” Times sure have changed, though, and business consultant jobs are becoming much more attractive, lucrative and stable.

So, how did consulting develop its less than desirable connotations? There are a few reasons that I can think of:

  • No Solid Definition of the Term

Since there are no certifications or prerequisites necessary to call oneself a consultant, anybody can give themselves the job title. As a result, there have been a lot of people out there defining the term “consultant” without truly understanding the type of work that a consultant does.

  • Movies and Media

There was a time when consultants were seen as the specialists brought into an organization to take people off of payrolls. Of course, this is just a tiny aspect of what consulting entails – more often than not, consultants create jobs. However, movies, television programs and other media have seized on this idea of consulting, creating a public perception that is far from accurate. Think about it: I bet you can think of at least one or two shows or movies in which consultants have been portrayed as oily, shady characters. This portrayal has been hard to shake.

  • Who Gets the Credit?

When a company experiences tremendous success, or they are able to undergo a massively positive turnaround, you never hear about the consulting contributions that made it possible unless you happen to be an industry insider. To the general public, when a business begins to grow exponentially or when it comes back from the brink of bankruptcy, all the credit goes to the powers that be within the organization. Consultants are doing some great things, but those accomplishments rarely get publicized.

Rethink the Reality of Business Consultant Jobs

Thankfully, the negative associations with consulting are beginning to disappear as the business landscape continues to change and adapt to new economic realities. Perhaps you're entertaining the idea of becoming an independent consultant yourself after experiencing a job loss, pay cut or some other professional crisis. I can tell you that you're far from being the only one to have the thought.

Although some folks continue to hang on to antiquated opinions about consulting, most individuals are beginning to understand the reality of the profession. They've worked in jobs where consultants have come in and made their lives easier. They've heard stories about how going into business for themselves was the best thing a friend or neighbor ever did. They also begin to understand how important consulting is to the future of the business world.

The Future's so Bright...

Companies and other organizations are looking for ways to stay competitive in a tight market, and they're finding that there is great value in bringing a consultant on board versus hiring a full-time employee. They require good ideas and knowledge capital, and they generally just need someone to show them how they can drive results and thrive.

As businesses look to change their ways with 21st-century thinking, the demand for people to perform business consultant jobs will only grow. What's more, these companies are going to be looking for people like you who have the experience and knowledge capital needed to make things happen.

The next time someone asks you what you think of business consultant jobs, you can tell them with full confidence that they are the wave of the future for professionals who want to flex their muscles and make a difference in the realm of business.


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